Burrito Filling

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Burrito filling is a great meal prep recipe to help keep your meals fresh and interesting. You can make a regular burrito, burrito salad, of burrito bowl. Pairing this recipe with my Pico de Gallo Recipe will add even more flavor to what ever you choose to make.


1lb Lean Ground Beef

1 Cup Cooked White Rice

1 Medium Sweet Onion (Finely Chopped)

1 TBSP Avocado Oil


1 TBSP Chili Powder

1 TBSP Paprika

1/2 TBSP Onion Powder

1/2 TBSP Cumin

1 TSP Sea Salt

1/2 TSP Garlic Powder

In a large pan brown chopped sweet onion in avocado oil. Mix seasonings together in a separate bowl. Add lean ground beef and seasoning mixture to pan. Stir frequently until evenly cooked. Add rice to pan and stir thoroughly.

Use this burrito filling as a meal prep base and have something different every day of the week or make a big batch and freeze it in portions. Let us know what you make with this Burrito Filling Recipe!

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