Be Your Own Hero

The Hero's Journey is an archetype story line that was coined by a man Named Joseph Campbell. If you have never heard of the Hero's Journey, to put it simply, it is the basic plot to every great, inspiring story that sparks ambition in us to do something different. This age old tale of leaving the beaten path and plunging into the unknown to create something amazing can translate into so many aspects of life. Whether you are changing careers, embarking on your fitness journey, or overcoming trauma. We all bravely follow the path of the Hero's Journey.

The Hero's Journey starts with a departure act. A departure act is the act of leaving your normal, leaving your routine, or leaving your comfort zone. Sometimes there's a straw that breaks the camels back like blowing out the seat of your pants. Sometimes there's a yearning for something more like knowing your family deserves a better version of you. Either way the result is a departure act which is your first step on your journey.

The departure is followed by an initiation act. This is the travelling into the unknown, the leap out of your comfort zone. This is when you start exploring your options. Do I want to try a spin class? Do I want to hire a trainer? Maybe I should find a gym buddy? Do I try a fad diet? What is pre workout and why does everyone use it? You eventually start to find your way only to be met with obstacles. Achy muscles, intimidation, the flu, lack of self confidence, someone that does not have your best interests at heart.

Do you let these obstacles halt your journey? Hell no! You tackle them, you learn, and you race to that next obstacle. Those obstacles are your monsters that try to block your path. When you run into monsters you know without a doubt that you are going the right way. Every monster makes you a little stronger and a little more equipped for the next one. When it comes to your fitness journey you are going to find that most of your monsters are inside yourself and those will be the hardest to face.

It's going to take longer than you think. The path isn't as straight as you think. The picture in your head might not be your outcome and that's okay. You are going to learn a lot not only about how your body works but about how your mind works. The key will be overcoming yourself and it's going to be absolutely worth it.

After your dragon is slayed you come to the return act. This is when the hero returns home full of wisdom and scars. This is the point where you will tell other people about your journey and you are going to spark that fire in them to start their own Hero's Journey. You're new found confidence, figure, self esteem, and health will pale in comparison to that feeling of inspiring the next person to make their departure.

Finally you will have shed the comfort of your old routine. You will ask yourself; What took me so long to take that first step. Why did I have so many excuses. Why was I waiting for someone else to come along to be my hero. Then after a while you'll realise that you are getting too comfortable. It's time to make a new goal. It's time to make another departure. It's time to be your own hero.

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