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Sarah - My own fitness journey is what drove me to take the leap to becoming a Personal Trainer. Physical fitness, health, and wellness quickly became a my passion along with helping others start their own journey. Now I put my experience and my Canfitpro PTS Certification to work helping people get their body back.



  • Four week training program

  • Custom tailored workouts

  • Built to fit you fitness level, goals, schedule, and available equipment

  • Nutritional advice

  • An app to track your workouts, progress, and nutrition

  • A variety of training techniques

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Free alterations, progressions, and form checks


Online Training Programs are built to suit you and your life. Whether you have a gym membership, you have a home gym, or you have little to no equipment available to you, I can make a plan for you.

Crazy Schedule? That's fine too. Globe trotter, shift work, camp work, home work, no work, I can make it all work.

We use software to stay connected to our clients which means with an app on your phone you can:
  • Message your trainer
  • Find your workout schedule
  • Track your progress
  • Build your own workouts
  • Use built in timer for circuits
  • Track your nutrition
  • Save recipes
  • Purchase training packages
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